Royalty free African music for video projects and documentaries

Africa has a rich history of traditional music. Each region has its own distinct sound, style and instruments – making for a wonderful and diverse array of music. The role of traditional music is particularly important in African culture – you’ll often find music in rituals and ceremonies and it is also used as a medium for story-telling across generations.


Rhythms and poly-rhythms are prominent in African music. Hand claps and foot stomps are commonly used, along with percussion instruments like the djembe drum and shekere shaker. Vocal chants and phrases play a big role as well in the music. Melodic instruments include the kora (a harp-like instrument), the balafon (similar to a xylophone) and the mbira and kalima thumb pianos. You can read more about these instruments in this interesting article.

I enjoy experimenting with African music, particularly since I live in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. You’ll find a list below of some of my favourite royalty free African music. These tracks are perfect for African travel, safari, documentary, TV series, film and video projects. Have a listen and see what you think.

All these tracks are available with various licencing options and can be used for smaller online video projects or larger broadcasts for wider audiences. If you need a custom edit, simply buy the appropriate license and contact me. I’ll gladly assist where I can.

Go on, feel the spirit of Africa!

More information: audioBITS offers original royalty free music in a variety of genres such as acoustic, ambient, EDM, house, piano, pop, rock and more. All tracks are composed, recorded and mixed to 320kbps MP3 and 16 BIT WAV formats. The music is available exclusively through AudioJungle, with the following licensing options:

  • Music Standard License
  • Music Broadcast (1 Million)
  • Music Mass Reproduction License
  • Music Broadcast (10 Million)
  • Broadcast & Film License
audioBITS tracks are suited for online video content (eg. Youtube and Vimeo), vlogs, corporate videos, presentations, adverts, commercials, podcasts, radio, video game music, plus loads more. If you are looking for music to use for corporate, fashion, technology or travel, as well as property, pets, fitness, workout themes and more, then check out my full portfolio on AudioJungle. Please feel free to contact me with queries regarding the music anytime.

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