Royalty free piano music for background video use and more

The piano is one of my favourite instruments. It has featured in many genres of music over the years, which proves how versatile of an instrument it is. I love the sound and feel of a classic grand piano – the soft, rich and resonant jazz tones that these pianos produce really stand out for me. In terms of mood and feeling, piano based music can inspire you, help you relax, make you feel happy, as well as comfort you when you’re sad or give you a feeling of nostalgia. The piano is an instrument that conveys many emotions. That’s why it’s a popular choice with video editors and producers worldwide.


Many famous films feature piano songs which are instantly recognisable. Other movies feature piano instrumentals in the background that perfectly complement a particular scene. Have a look at these two interesting lists at and for some well known examples. I’m sure you’ll recognise a few of these.

Here is a selection of my royalty free piano music. These tracks are perfect for background music in videos, interviews, showcases and more.

All tracks are available with various licencing options, suitable for smaller online video projects or larger broadcasts for wider audiences. If you need a custom edit, please feel free to contact me. Simply buy the license you need and I’ll assist you as best as I can.

More information: audioBITS offers original royalty free music in a variety of genres such as acoustic, ambient, EDM, house, piano, pop, rock and more. All tracks are composed, recorded and mixed to 320kbps MP3 and 16 BIT WAV formats. The music is available exclusively through AudioJungle, with the following licensing options:

  • Music Standard License
  • Music Broadcast (1 Million)
  • Music Mass Reproduction License
  • Music Broadcast (10 Million)
  • Broadcast & Film License
audioBITS tracks are suited for online video content (eg. Youtube and Vimeo), vlogs, corporate videos, presentations, adverts, commercials, podcasts, radio, video game music, plus loads more. If you are looking for music to use for corporate, fashion, technology or travel, as well as property, pets, fitness, workout themes and more, then check out my full portfolio on AudioJungle. Please feel free to contact me with queries regarding the music anytime.

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