Royalty free rock music for videos, vlogs, commercials and more

Guitars, bass and drums… That’s your basic recipe right there. Throw in some keyboards and synths and you’re rocking a new style. Or how about some organ and harmonica and you’re channeling the blues… Whatever your vibe, royalty free rock music remains a firm favourite with video, vlog and content producers.

Let’s say you’re working on a video and it needs some raw energy and power. Perhaps your project focuses on thrilling action or epic adventure. Maybe it’s fast-paced racing and muscle cars. Edge-of-your-seat sporting moments and highlights also comes to mind. You name it. One genre of music that’s always a winner with these topics is… rock! From catchy guitar riffs with driving bass and foot tapping drums, to the heavier stuff featuring big, in-your-face distorted guitars and pounding rhythm sections, rock music can certainly convey a certain kind of mood and catch the attention of your audience. After all, that is what you’re looking to achieve, right?

Here are some cool examples of rock music used in videos:

Rock music takes many forms – blues rock, alternative rock, indie rock, pop rock, hard rock – there are loads more and the genre is still evolving today. This popular form of music has attitude. It can inspire. It can motivate. It can make you feel like breaking free from the day-to-day routines that are getting you down. What’s better than hitting the open road in your car and cranking up that stereo? You know the feeling!

Here’s a selection of popular royalty free rock music from my collection. Have a listen and see if you can find a track for your project.

Tracks are available in various lengths so whether you’re looking for an intro song, theme song, 30 second commercial or just something rocking to use as background music, check it out. I’m also more than happy to assist if you need a custom edit. Simply buy license you need and contact me. Check my full rock music portfolio on AudioJungle here and see if it’ll fit your next production. Rock on!

More information: audioBITS offers original royalty free music in a variety of genres such as acoustic, ambient, EDM, house, piano, pop, rock and more. All tracks are composed, recorded and mixed to 320kbps MP3 and 16 BIT WAV formats. The music is available exclusively through AudioJungle, with the following licensing options:

  • Music Standard License
  • Music Broadcast (1 Million)
  • Music Mass Reproduction License
  • Music Broadcast (10 Million)
  • Broadcast & Film License
audioBITS tracks are suited for online video content (eg. Youtube and Vimeo), vlogs, corporate videos, presentations, adverts, commercials, podcasts, radio, video game music, plus loads more. If you are looking for music to use for corporate, fashion, technology or travel, as well as property, pets, fitness, workout themes and more, then check out my full portfolio on AudioJungle. Please feel free to contact me with queries regarding the music anytime.

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